Monday 22 September 2014


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Outapi (Ombulantu Baobab tree) - Ruacana Falls

We camped the previous night below the baobab tree. Early up to get a few shots during the golden hour...

...and then breakfast at our camp below the Ombalantu Baobab Tree.
We took a guided tour of the tree. The tree is naturally hollow inside and can seat about 20 people. See more of it's rich history: Ombalantu

Marlene and Rene studying the visitor's book inside the tree

We departed to Ruacana Falls, 15 km past the town of Ruacana. From Ruacana, the road descends quite steeply to the Falls. The Calueque Dam in Angola is visible in the distance.

The Kunene River drops into a 700m wide x 120m deep ravine just below the Calueque Dam.

Marlene and Rene enjoying the view.

We set up camp at the Hippo Pools, a few km's below the falls

Lunch at Hippo Pool campsite. Quite hot in the middle of winter...

Back to the falls after lunch - here Rene is busy with a colour study of the falls from the viewpoint at the hydroelectric power station.

...then a colour study at the top of the falls... To reach the main viewpoint, you have to go throught the border post on the Namibian side - no formalities if you only visit the falls.

A Baobab tree in the falls

Sunset on top of the falls
Distance traveled for the day:  100 km, all tar

The map below is an interactive Google Map showing the actual GPS track we followed, imported from a .gpx file. Zoom in to follow our route. Double click on a balloon for more information.

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